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About TechloStuff:

We go deeper into technology than anyone has gone ever, before. If you are looking for latest Technology news or need to know how to solve computer software or hardware problems?.. then you are at the right place. We not only write on products, but we look behind the scenes and explore the concept that drive them.

We love to write on new and emerging technologies.. So by all means, if you have any idea for us, contact us or simply leave a comment. We always read comments. 🙂

TechloStuff Team:

Farhan Azam Memon (Founder & Senior Writer):


Farhan Azam Memon is a Founder and a brain behind TechloStuff and a student who is about to reach the bachelors level for Computer Science. Farhan have quiet a good experience of over 5 years with Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing.

Farhan is also a Web Designer, Content Writer, Graphic Designer and Internet Marketing Expert. After getting a good experience of blogging, now finally Farhan decided to launch his new blog TechloStuff.

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Mohammad Abid (Co-Founder & Writer):

12994295_272002073132550_6405724849966954807_nMeet Mohammad Abid ????, a 19 Years old student, Entrepreneur, co-founder and a Brain behind TechloStuff
 from Karachi, Pakistan. Abid love ♄ to learn new things and ♄ love to share his experience and knowledge with people all around the world. Abid is a full time Blogger, a full time student and a learner as well â˜ș. Abid is also a Web Developer, Graphic Designer, SEO Expert and Content Writer.

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