How To Cleanup Storage On Android Phone?

Cleanup Storage On Android Phone

It happens quite often that many people run out of space on their Android devices. Maybe that’s because their device has low internal memory and they’re downloading many apps and games or storing large media files, whatsoever, They’ll find themselves with a notification ‘insufficient space available’. That’s so BAD!

Well, nothing to worry about as there are some ways that might will help you to get your storage back and put-off some burden from your Android device to make it smooth again. Let’s see what works for you!

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Ways to Cleanup Storage On Android Phone

Cleanup Storage On Android Phone

First of all, you should be aware of what’s taking up much space on your device. For that, you’ll have to check what’s monopolizing your device’s storage.

Go to Settings -> Storage and then check out Phone Storage which might be your device’s default write disk.

Now you can see what’s taking up much space of your device’s internal storage; Apps, images, videos, cached data etc. Let’s begin to cleanup storage on android phone!

Cleanup Cached Data

Now the first thing to do is to look for cached data. For that, go through Settings -> Storage and Tap Cached Data. You can now Click OK to confirm the deletion of Cached Data. That’s all!

Delete Unwanted Apps

Now you might have downloaded multiple apps in your Android and many of those you might don’t use anymore. But are you even aware of it and care about it? If not, then check it now. See which apps you don’t use anymore and begin removing them. Unwanted Apps are quite a threat to your Android device. Better is to never keep those apps inside your phone that are not being used by you anymore and just uninstall them to cleanup storage on android phone. 🙂

Move Data To SD Card

SD Card mostly has nothing to do with Internal Storage of your phone and you might feel comfortable to move your data to SD card. Check those apps data and media files that are taking up large space and move them to SD card. Your mobile’s internal storage will be quite flexible.

Delete Large Media Files

You must have downloaded or taken large media files from someone. See if they’re no more in use for you and delete them. Large Media Files usually take more space and often people do forget to delete them when they are useless. This should help you to cleanup storage on android phone.

Use Google Drive

Cleanup Storage On Android Phone

Google Drive allows you to put your personal data inside it. In fact, it’s better to use it for backup-making purpose, but in case if you are out of your phone’s internal memory, you can use it to save your apps data, media files and even documents. Google is tough about their client’s security usually and so you don’t have to worry unless you’re fully aware of account security and how to do it. That’s all!

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The above guide is all enough to cleanup storage on android phone and these are the most recommended ways to give a boost to your mobile phone’s performance. So, try these ways and sure you’ll get effective results.

So, these are so far the proven ways and in case if you see that we’re missing something than let us know by simply a comment below. We’d really appreciate that and even our readers will be more pleased too.

Best wishes! 🙂

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