How To Download And Install Pokemon GO If It’s Not Available In Your Region? For Android/iOS Users

Download And Install Pokemon GO for iOS and Android

Pokemon GO! Pokemon GO! That’s right, it’s everywhere right now. Especially when you are scrolling up and down on your social profiles, you’ll be seeing lots of people discussing about this game and even sharing their experiences. Well, it’s pretty much awesome, i guess. How about you? Having trouble to download and play it in your region and that’s why you’re here? Hehe! Relax.. We’ve figured out something for you..

First of all, you must be wondering why it’s not yet available in your region. Simply the answer is: Nintendo and Niantic just decided to release Pokemon GO initially in just few countries including United States. Maybe they’ll be releasing it on global level but for now if you’re keen to play it in your region, we’re here to help you out. 🙂

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re an iOS or Android user. The game is available for both platforms but in US and few other countries. The thing we’re going to do is to access the US-based Google Play Store/App Store. Here is how! Follow the steps below:

First For Android Users

Download And Install Pokemon GO for iOS and Android

It’s been always a problem for Android users that when they download a APK from somewhere else, they’re likely to receive no-updates from the Google Play Store. We won’t let that happen to you this time for the Pokemon GO. Hope you know how to catch them! HAHA! Follow the steps..

Step 1: Doesn’t matter which Android device you are using, just go to it’s Settings, add a new Google Account and signup for a new Gmail Email Address.

Remember, it’s not your main account and we’re just going to use it to gain access to the US-based Play Store. So, nothing to worry about!

Step 2: After creating your Gmail account successfully. You’ll need to visit now. But better is to use your computer’s browser for the ease, or as you wish either way to be comfortable with.

Step 3: Perhaps it’ll ask you to login, put the new email address and password. Now you’ll be prompted to select a country – choose United States and then enter the zip code that seems suitable to you – US-based, of course. Now if you’d like, you can add a payment method – but that’s not necessary.

Step 4: Now it’s time to get back to your device and install a VPN. There are plenty of those apps that you can find on the Google Play Store. Just make sure that the one you choose has a server in US that you can get connected to without any hesitation. Not to worry, just you’re gonna use it for few minutes and that’s it.

Step 5: Now turn the VPN on and connect to the US server. Then go to the Google Play Store and switch to the US-based account that you’ve just created newly.

Step 6: Now as soon as you get connected to the Play Store, you’ll now have to search for Pokemon GO and install it. That’s it!

Step 7: Now it’s time to disconnect your VPN and Switch back to your main Google Account. You’re done now! 😉

Be aware of it’s addiction, not sure if it’s gonna take few months to catch a Pokemon, but you won’t stop! 😀

Now For iOS Users

Download And Install Pokemon GO for iOS and Android

Trust me, everything is similar to the guide above to install Pokemon GO for iOS devices. Just for this, you’ll have to create a US-based iTunes account and make sure to connect US App Store. That’s it! Rest remains same as above and you’ll have Pokemon GO on your fingertips.

You’ll love to catch Pokemon – hope you know how to do that and you’re not gonna stop. Haha! Enjoy..

Meanwhile, those users who are unable to download and install Pokemon GO on their Android/iOS devices; use comment box below and let us know about the problem you’re facing. Rest of all who are successfully enjoying the game, share your experiences with us. We’ll be so glad! 🙂

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Stay tuned for more tech-stuff! 🙂

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Tayyab Saqlain