How To Find My iPhone? Here We Have The Best Answer For You!

How to find my iPhone

Well it is really a shocking and tragic moment when you just find out that your iPhone is gone. Whether you left-and-forgot it somewhere or maybe someone has literally removed it from your pocket. It’s unbearable and we know the pain! Luckily, there is a service called ‘Find My iPhone‘ by Apple and that’s the one they’ve launched to care about the iOS devices of their users. In case if they’ve just lost it and unable to find it anyway. But many of you must be thinking that; What if it’s battery is dead or maybe pulled out of it? Answer is here!

If the battery is died, you can even find it out with the help of Last Tracked Location feature that was discovered for this very main purpose or situation.

First, keep in mind that Find My iPhone is a very popular and reliable app available on the App Store – thanks to it’s developers. You’ll be loving it as soon as you’ll find it and use it because it even works on iPad and Mac to keep track of your devices. You can use it through or any other iOS device to get your device tracked through the location – Internet connection is required.

Now let’s discuss it with the questions that you might wanna ask and their answers we’ve prepared for you. Scroll down!

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How To Find A Lost/Stolen iPhone Through Find My iPhone?

Find my iPhone settings

First of all this question must be clicking in your mind. As we’ve mentioned about the app above, let’s take it into further more detail. As you’ve noticed that iOS 9 has really smart and advanced features, iCloud is one of it’s services that comes with the best. iCloud basically takes care of all your data and keeps you up-to-date. That’s why Find My iPhone feature uses iCloud to store and synchronize your data. Now in order to use Find My iPhone feature through iCloud, you need an iCloud account. First check if you already have it created, otherwise create it now. You can check it by going to the Settings -> iCloud. See if you have it or if not, then follow the instructions and create one. Remember that you’ll have to use your Apple ID on all your devices as Find My iPhone uses your main ID to keep track of all your devices.

Now it is simple to turn on Find My iPhone service. Go to Settings -> iCloud and then scroll down to look for Find My iPhone. Now simply you’ll just have to tap on it and the green signal will show you that it’s activated. Now underneath, you’ll be seeing another useful feature which is Send Last Location. It’s purpose is really useful when your iPhone’s battery gets critically low, it’ll send the last location of the device to Apple.

Note: Just make sure that the Location Services are activated on your device to send the location to Apple automatically before turning off due to low-battery or literally dead. But maybe you’ve kept the location services turned off for not to share with other apps on your device. It’s up to you!

Downloading Find My iPhone App To Track Your Devices


Now above we’ve discussed about the Find My iPhone service which is available on your device already and just you have to activate it. The 2nd most important thing alongside it is to download the Find My iPhone app from the App Store. Now what is it’s functionality?

This app comes handy as you’ll be able to track all those iOS devices that are using your Apple ID, automatically. But that only happens if those devices have Find My iPhone service already activated inside.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, open it, provide your Apple ID with password and that’s it. A map will catch your screen and you’ll be seeing all your devices on it being tracked by their locations using your Apple ID. Now you might have understood that this app is really handy as you can use it on your iPad to get your iPhone device tracked which has been stolen or you’ve forgot it somewhere.

Download Find My iPhone App from App Store

How To Use Find My iPhone App? Thorough Guidelines!

how to use find my iPhone

Now if you’ve installed the Find My iPhone app, it’s time to open it up and look what’s beneficial inside it for you. So after that, you can see your devices listed from which you can choose any one and there you’ll get multiple choices that you might want to make. Let’s tap on Actions and see what options do we get. So, we have multiple options available. Let’s discuss about their functionality.

1. First you’ll be seeing an car-like icon directly in front of the device’s name. Tapping on this option will plot a route to the location of the device by switching to the Maps app on your screen. This is pretty much helpful, isn’t it? You can follow the route, but carefully! 🙂

2. The second option is to Play Sound and this one is really interesting and handy for you. In case if you’ve just lost your phone inside of your house or you’ve reached the place where it’s being located but can’t find the iPhone device, then you can just tap on this option and the device will start beeping loudly so you can hear it and approach. This option makes it easier for you to find your phone if it’ll be just around you.

3. The third one is the Lost Mode, on which if you’ll tap, it’ll enable the pass-code for the device that you’ve selected. It is mainly used if you know that the device is stolen or somebody can gain access to it, then putting a password will prevent someone who’ll try to access it. When you successfully recover the device, you can use the same pass-code to access it and that’s it. It is pretty much helpful too, indeed!

4. The suicide attack i’ll call it because it’s the final decision.! The Erase Phone option will somehow wipe-out your whole data on the device, leaving no traces maybe. Think deeply before taking this decision, like if your phone is stolen and it has sensitive and confidential data inside, then you might would feel no sympathy to take such a decision. Remember, Erase Phone will delete each-and-everything from your device including the Apple ID even, which means that the device will permanently disappear from the list of your devices in the Find My iPhone app. In fact, you’ll just have to forget that you even had that device in your life. BOOM!

Is It Possible To Access The Find My iPhone App From The Computer To Track My iOS Device?

find my iphone-computer

The good news is, YES! You can find your iOS device from your computer if you don’t have any other devices to use the app on and track your device. Visit the iCloud website from your computer browser and it’ll give you access to many apps and services like; Find My iPhone, Mail, Calendar etc. Once you’ll give your Apple ID and Password, you’ll be able to access all of the apps and services that it provides. You just have to launch Find My iPhone app to locate your devices and you’ll see a map on your computer’s screen with their location. Once you’ll click on the green dot-like icon, you’ll be prompted with all those three Actions that we’ve discussed above. Now it’s your choice to whether Play Sound, Lost Mode to lock your device or Erase your iOS Device’s data completely.

What To Do If My iPhone Is Stolen?

stolen iphone

If your iPhone is stolen, you’ll be having multiple choices in front of you. Now if you’re going to report it to the Police, that’s not a bad move because they usually have resources to track down the devices. Yours will be easier for them to track as because of Find My iPhone service enabled and app installed in it.

If you’d like, you can choose any of the appropriate Actions that we’ve discussed above. First, the best choice is to use Lost Mode that’ll remotely put a pass-code on the device and won’t let anyone to gain access to it. When you get it recovered, put the pass-code and it’ll be unlocked. Second, the best but suicidal one, Erase Phone. This option will wipe-out all the data from your phone, leaving no-traces maybe. So, use this only when you think that your phone has some private and confidential data, erasing everything completely will be a good idea, but somehow you’ll lose the way to even track it, forever. Think before tapping on this Action.

How To Find If My iPhone Is Lost And It’s Battery Is Dead?

iphone battery dead

This must be the most critical situation, by the way. Because as the battery goes down, Internet availability will be down and that the Find My iPhone app won’t show the current location of the device. Unfortunate and heartbreaking!

Now if you can find it, you have to find it fast before it’s battery drains and dies. The Find My iPhone feature won’t send any signal to the application to help you find it’s location.

send last location

Now if you can’t find out another device immediately or find out your device through the Computer, maybe you won’t be able to know where it is, ever. But there is a solution that’ll only work if you’ll take care about it before it’s too late.

There is a feature called Send Last Location, fortunately, it’ll at least let you know about the last-tracked location if the battery runs out. This feature is really very useful but it’s not automatically enabled as it sends the data to the server and Apple can’t do it without the user’s permission.

To activate this feature, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone. Make sure that the Find My iPhone feature is enabled and now it’s time to enable Send Last Location feature. That’s it!

The best thing about this feature is that whenever your iPhone’s battery will get critically low, it’ll send the location to the iCloud server. So, you’ll come to know where it was when the battery died. But, you’ll have to activate it before anything like that happens, otherwise, forget about your device.

How To Turn Off Find My iPhone On My iOS Device Before Selling It?

So, if you’re going to sell your iOS device, you surely would like to erase your whole phone data before selling it. You can do that by tapping on Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings. This will erase everything out of your device, even the iCloud ID that will automatically turn off Find My iPhone feature and other enabled important ones. So this one is the easy way to do it! No hesitation.

If you just want to turn off your Find My iPhone feature, then simply you’ll have to tap on Settings -> iCloud and tap on the feature to turn it off. This is useful if you just want to send your iPhone for repair, especially.

Further, the decisions depend on you!


So, it’s always better to take care about it before getting in any such critical situations. The things we have discussed above are important and worthy, and can save you from the disaster. You surely should follow the guidance above and be careful. As we have seen many such cases in which the users don’t get their iPhone back when they’re stolen or forgotten somewhere. We came out to write a useful guide for you to keep your iOS devices safe and traceable if you just lost them.

Share your experiences with us and give us a feedback that how useful this is for you. 🙂 Best wishes!

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff!

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