How To Identify If Your Computer Is Hacked?

computer is hacked

You might have been aware of your surroundings or heard from anyone that their computer is hacked by someone or maybe you personally might have encountered any such activity. Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that every computer is vulnerable to different viruses and through that they can be hijacked. That’s what commonly happens! However, if hacker is inside your computer, the possibilities are nil to find them, but there are actions that can open up your senses that ‘there is something going on in your computer’. Unusual activities inside! Let’s elaborate the possibilities to identify them and then we’ll figure out what to do in those situations.

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Check If Passwords Are Changed

Your Online Passwords

Well, the first thing that you’ll notice is if your any online account’s password has been changed. It could be your social media account or any other. So, you’d have to click ‘Recover Password’ option to somehow recover your account.  But if the email inside is changed, you have no other choice but still you can contact the company who is providing the services to you. Because they’re your only hope and only they can recover your account. But that’s up to them. At least you’d know there is something wrong.

Local Password

If you’re unable to log on to your computer by your usual password than there is guaranteed that your computer is hacked. Because local password won’t change by itself, not a magic, though. So, keep your mind rolling.

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Unexpected Or Unknown Installations Of Programs

Sometimes, you realize that you’re the only one who is using the computer and some new programs are installed unexpectedly that you have no idea about; indicates that the computer is hacked.

Please Note: This could happen legally to install a new program in the computer. Let’s put some light on both the conditions.

Legal Reasons

  • Your OS may receive new updates that requires new programs to be installed.
  • If you’re doubtful someone who has used your computer, it’s better to ask them if they’ve installed anything new.
  • Sometimes, when you install a new program, it happens that it does installs some new stuff along. It happens with plugins and free programs that you get to install from the internet.

Illegal Reasons

These illegal reasons could indicate the possibility of hacker’s access to your compurter:

  • If there are Trojans or Backdoors installed in your computer, it means the hacker has left his way to come back anytime to your computer. These can truly give the access to the huge information stored on your computer.
  • If you’ve ever been on a IRC client which provides the opportunities for the hackers to access your computer, then you must be aware that it is the most common way for hackers to access the computers. If you’ve ever took part in this, then inquire it.
  • Spywares, dishonest antiviruses and malware are commonly the indications of hackers accessing your computer. It mostly happens when your computer is infected or just you’ve visited a full-of-viruses page on the internet through which you’re actually ‘hijacked’.

computer is hacked

Spam Being Sent From Your Email ID

It happens if your email id is compromised, your friends, family, co-workers or anyone who has contact to you will begin receiving spam emails, advertising etc. It means someone has just logged on to your email address and making a negative-use of it. Simply if you have security ways to log into your account, do it and change the password. However, keep in mind that spoofing is also an way to send spam emails. If you notice that your circle is receiving spam emails from your email address still, it means someone is spoofing it actually.

Slower Network Connection

It’s obvious at times that if a hacker wants access to your computer, he’ll have to remotely connect to it somehow. If he successfully does, it means your network connection will become slower and your computer is hacked. The attacker can also take advantage of it to hack other computers on the network. But that doesn’t mean that whenever your internet is slower, your computer is hacked. It’s just a possibility, commonly.

No Sudden Existence Of Security Programs

It means if any of the antivirus programs or anti-malware programs are uninstalled from your computer suddenly. It also indicates that your computer is hacked. It can be done by a hacker to avoid any sort of warnings to appear while he is inside your machine. Pathetic!

Computer Has Gone Mad!

Well, if you’re suspecting that the computer is doing things all by itself then it is also a sign that your computer is hacked. If it is remotely controlled, they can have a control of any of the device on your computer. For example, if your mouse cursor is all moving by itself or some text is being typed itself. You’d notice that. It is not a good sign! Why would it happen by itself? Your computer is hacked!


So, if you can suspect any of the above possibilities, you should have a tricky eye to keep and think out of the box. If someone is trying to jinx you up, that’s gonna be a too much of loss. You might lose data and other important stuff. If your computer is hacked, there are ways to do something about it but it’s always ‘better to care than the cure’. Use trusted antiviruses and anti-malware programs for your computer. 100% protection is impossible, but additionally keeping it strong is the best way to protect yourself from a big loss. Avoid something through which there could be a possibility of your computer being hacked. Be sensitive about everything when it comes to important stuff. That’s how you can be protected from all evil actions. Hacking is getting advanced increasingly. You’d have to keep that in mind and take appropriate actions. Learn to identify if something is wrong!

Stay safe!

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