How To Secure Your Social Accounts In 5 Reliable Ways?

secure your social accounts

Probably you are very much engaged to the social media sites to connect your friends and family across the world. You share everything through your social media accounts and all of that you think is kept in privacy. How? You think your passwords are strong enough to keep your account safe but really is it? Think about it again and again.

There are lots of chances that you’ve putted a weak password on your account and someone tries to break it and somehow gets access to your account. BOOM! Game Over! Think about the circumstances that you’ll be facing after that. Keeping that in mind, we have researched on it and compiled some absolutely amazing ways to secure your social accounts. You may have a very personal data shared inside and you should care about it. We have made it easier for you, but the technology is going too fast that even the most secured way sometimes don’t work. It is natural! But we believe that these ways to secure your accounts can definitely save you from a basic or critical loss. Only if you’ll care about it by yourself; prepare yourself.

So let’s begin to discuss about it and lock the easy-possible doors to secure your social accounts. Follow all of these suggestions.

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Two-factor Authentication On Your Account

secure your social accounts

Now you must be wondering about it if you’ve never used it before. Presumably, this is found to be one of the best ways to secure your social accounts. Many social sites have this feature to take extra-care of their user’s privacy if they enable it. Of course, it’s up to you. Many sites use it in a different way as some of them find a text-message to be the best option and some of them use a phone-call option. Every social site has a different way to make this feature work better.

To enable it, you’ll have to find it out in your settings page or help to activate it. What it does? Well, when you’ll login to your account after putting a username and password, the next page will ask you to put a code that is been sent to your cell-phone through a text message or a phone-call. That’ll verify your account in that way and then you’ll get access to your account. Shortly, that’ll be a difficult-but-not-impossible task for any hacker to break in to your account. But this one is the favorite concept of securing an account – being used by numerous social sites. Put it on!

Use Password Managers

secure your social accounts

Not every human being is sharp enough to create a extraordinary secured password. Sometimes, lack of this ability become a major issue as people lead to produce weak-passwords for their accounts and they just think they’ve done it cleverly and it’s fully secured. Keeping that in mind, the better way is to go for password managers. Not all, but some of them are absolutely fantastic with the feature that’ll allow you to produce a secure password.

You might be able to change your passwords manually when you sign up for any of those password managers and use their password generators to get a hard-to-guess password – secured for sure. Now this is highly recommended because you’re making it absolutely difficult for anyone to guess easily. Go for it! (You can search on Google for best password managers)

Use Different Email Account For Your Social Profiles

secure your social accounts

As we have discussed above that people do mistakes while creating their passwords and they just end up with a weak password for their social profile. Now what commonly happens is that people use the same password for their various social accounts which is just terrible. If an hacker gains access into any of your social accounts then they just won’t stick to that, they’ll try to get more deep to steal every of your information and private data.

Now talking about deep stuff, even you can’t deny that your email account is a much dangerous place where you receive important emails that connects you to the digital world entirely. Now what if a hacker just gains access to your email account and steals everything? It’s gonna be a U-Turn of your life towards destruction, surely. But why do we take that risk? Now the thing that we figured out is that if you’ll create a different email account for your social profiles that has no connection to your main email account, you’ll be safe. For example, if a hacker takes down your social profiles and get access to your email account, they won’t be able to steal any main data because the emails on that account will all be connected to your social accounts only. That’s where a hacker would stop and his journey ends to hack you any further. Think about it further on and keep your privacy protected. And remember, avoid using same passwords for your social profiles. Keep everything entirely different!

Use Your Phone Number For Recovery

secure your social accounts

Now this one is the interesting part. If you lose your account? You’ll be anxious about not getting it back. But there are many social sites that asks your number for emergency recovery of your account. How cool is that? Almost all of the social giants allows you to enable this feature on your account and that really is gonna help you if your account just gets to be compromised, then you’ll get a call from the social site to recover your account. All you have to do is to search for this feature in every of the social site that you use and enable it. You’ll feel super protected as you won’t lose your account so easily.

Use Privacy Controls On Your Social Accounts

secure your social accounts

Here comes the logical part.! Hackers can also gain access to your account as if they’ll come to know about the recovery information of your account. It can simply be happening by viewing your profile which has everything visible. If you put a security question like your mother’s name, first school’s name, your pet name etc then you should avoid posting any of such information on your social profile as they’ll be reading every of your information first and easily be able to get past the security questions on your accounts. Simply, they’ll come to know about it. Even in last few years, keeping a email address visible on the social account was posing a threat and maybe still it does. So use privacy options to keep your social data invisible to those who you don’t know to avoid any bad circumstances. That’s it!


Simply, if you wanna be protected and safe on the Internet, stop being careless. Think about the things that can pose a threat to your life. Simply avoid it. The things that we have listed in this post are highly recommended and if you’ll follow them all, you’ll be feeling really protected by yourself. Social media connects you to the world, it’s not good to be careless as if you know about it’s disadvantages.

So we hope you’ve read the whole post and followed it well to protect yourself and your privacy. How do you feel now? Tell us below in the comment box. We’ll be glad to know about it!

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Tayyab Saqlain