How To Stream On Twitch? Easy Guide!

how to stream on twitch

Twitch is a world’s biggest broadcasting platform for all of those who love video games. It receives millions of monthly viewers who spend more than 16 billions of minutes on gaming content every month. But it is not just a place to watch, but there is much more than that for you. Almost 2 millions broadcasters stream their little-to-big games on this biggest platform. So there is a fabulous chance that anyone can get into this fun. There isn’t much issue for those who are relying on PS4 and Xbox as both of the consoles have built-in streaming options. But if you’re on PC then you need a handy hardware, good streaming software and a free twitch account.

Don’t worry! We’re here to guide you through the whole process of how to stream on twitch. Once you’ll be all set, you won’t stop sharing your gameplay with the world right on your PC.

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Let’s begin with the process to be able to stream on Twitch really quick. Follow the tutorial below:

So, How To Stream On Twitch?

Set Up Your Twitch Account and Page

First you need to install a broadcasting app on your PC. There are two known best apps that you can install; one is Open Broadcasters Software (OBS) which supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and the other one is XSplit which is basically built for Windows. Open Broadcasters Software is free and open source but it may require more of your time to setup. XSplit is easy-to-setup but may require a paid subscription. It depends on which one you choose! Both of these are best in their own way.

  • Once you’re signed up with Twitch. Login to your account.
  • Select the Dashboard option from the top-right drop-down menu.
  • Search the game that you want to play under the playing tab.
  • Enter a title for your broadcast.

Once you’re all set then head over to the broadcasting app. We’re guiding you through both the apps mentioned above.

Configuring Your Streaming Using Open Broadcasters Software (OBS)

how to stream on twitch

  • Open the OBS (as administrator)
  • Choose Broadcast Settings from the Settings menu
  • Now choose Twitch as your Streaming Service from the drop-down menu and click Optimize.
  • Now go back to your Twitch dashboard and select Stream Key.
  • Copy the code of your stream key and paste it to the Stream Key box in the Broadcast Settings in the OBS. Press OK.

Now it’s time to set up the scene and go live! 😉

  • On the main interface of the OBS, right click on the Sources box, select Add and then Game Capture.
  • Choose your desired game from the drop-down menu and click OK.
  • Now again right click on the Sources box from where you can add some additional feeds. Now you can add the images and text to customize the layout. You can choose Monitor Capture to show up on your display or Video Capture to do it all from your webcam.
  • You can select Preview Stream and Edit Scene to keep the layout settings according to your liking.
  • Select Start Streaming right from the Twitch dashboard and go Live! 😉 Have fun!

Configuring Your Streaming Using XSplit

how to stream on twitch

  • Open XSplit
  • Select Broadcast, then Add Channel -> Twitch
  • Select Authorize, enter your Twitch username and password
  • Press Finish! It will automatically choose the best optimal resolution for the display.
  • You can edit your Stream Properties and click OK.

Finally going live! 😉

  • On the Screen Sources screen of your XSplit interface, select Add.
  • Now hover over the game capture and choose your best game.
  • Now select Add again to add some additional sources to your live broadcasting such as webcam feed or images.
  • You can also drag and resize the sources according to your liking.
  • Select broadcast -> Twitch and you’re now LIVE! Have fun.

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So now you’re all aware about how to stream on Twitch. As a gamer, you’d love to have such a thing in your liking to have ultimate fun all the time. We’ll be glad to have your experiences with us. We’ll love to know if there is any other good app you’ve tried to stream on twitch. So, give us a feedback and let us know how is it been for you! 😉

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Tayyab Saqlain