Official Announcement: Apple’s iOS 10 Will Land With 100 New Emojis

iOS 10 With 100 New Emojis

Apple is all set to land it’s new iOS 10 with not just typically outstanding features and system improvements, but it is also coming up with the new edition of emoji characters. Certainly this idea is going to be absolutely appealing for everyone of those who loves to do texting. It’ll be easy for them to express themselves in imagery through the text messages.

Apple made an official announcement about the inclusion of this new and modified collection of emoji characters to the iOS 10 that will be launching really soon in this upcoming fall. It’s a great news for iOS owners.

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The new collection of emoji characters will support all messaging apps that will support iOS 10 keyword. Plus, some of these new characters are modified based on the existing ones and some of them are entirely new, adding: more gender options, professional female athletes, rainbow flags, more family options etc. Apple is making sure to reflect the diversity of people with this new collection of emoji characters.

You can check some of these emojis below and imagine how they’ll all look when they’ll make it to the new iOS 10. Have a look!

iOS 10 With 100 New Emojis

Soon the new iPhone device will be launched and alongside, we’ll be enjoying the new iOS 10. So, it’s just a matter of some time and you’ll be communicating with everyone by also sending them these fancy and stunning new emoji characters that’ll soon be on your fingertips. Additionally, iOS 10 will also be coming up with lot of other new updates and improvements. Stay tuned!

What else do you expect and what do you think about this new collection of emoji characters? Do let us know in the comment box below!

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Tayyab Saqlain