How To Securely Wipe-Out Everything From Your iPhone Before Selling It?

How To Securely Wipe-Out Everything From Your iPhone Before Selling It-3

Well, this is something that you should ask yourself every time before selling your smartphone in the market. That is only because the data inside your phone can be critically sensitive and personal that you may never want to it to be seen by someone you don’t know. There are chances of getting everything exposed and that’s surely the worst as it has happened to many people. Previously, we have covered the same topic for Android users and now it is for iOS users.

Apparently, Android and iOS are both dealing with the resetting process differently but their terms are absolutely straightforward and so you may have got the point now. Let’s take it into a more descriptive way.

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First, Things You Should Take Care Of Besides Wiping Out Your Data

How To Securely Wipe-Out Everything From Your iPhone Before Selling It-3

1. Make Sure To Remove Your Sim Card: Some people do also forget to remove their sim card from their phone and that costs them because the whole contacts data remains in the phone and the user who buys it then from the market will be able to access all contacts and might deface everything. So be careful about the sim card as it contains your sensitive data too.

2. Make Sure To Remove Your SD Card: Some people forget to take their SD card out or after removing the data from it once, they sell it along with the phone. Do they ever think about data-recovery? No! Because they don’t know about it. But there are mass chances of data recovery from the SD card once everything is deleted as like we discussed simple factory reset in Android device in our previous article. So, in order to make sure that the data is safe, keep the SD card to yourself or just break it up and buy a new one. SD cards aren’t so expensive nowadays; indeed not expensive than your sensitive and personal data, i believe.

3. Wipe-Out SD Card (if you have to give it too along with your device): So, here comes the important part. If you wanna give your SD card, you’ll just remove your data and go on, but your data can be recovered. Make sure to overwrite it with the junk-data over-and-over for several times and perform a perfect format to remove everything out of it. This might do the trick, but I’m not sure because I’ve never been satisfied to giveaway my SD cards to the buyer and never have tried to do this. I’d say, “Try to avoid giving your SD cards to anyone.”

Be careful about your sim cards and SD cards.!

Now How To Wipe-Out Everything Securely From Your iPhone? Here comes the main point!

How To Securely Wipe-Out Everything From Your iPhone Before Selling It-3

Well, for iOS users, it’s quite simple as compared for the Android users. Apparently, Apple has become more strong in matter of security and so it has now enabled data-encryption in iOS devices by default. It means that the data stored in the internal memory of your iPhone will all be encrypted automatically and the key will be stored inside the device, hidden of course. So, it means that you’ll not have to go through any longer process to secure your data. Here is how to do it:

Simply, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Settings and Content

Now this must be it, as the device’s data was all encrypted by default and the key-to-decrypt-it is just wiped out securely as you performed a reset on your iOS device. Almost every iPhone right now have this feature enabled by default. As if you’ve just followed the above method properly, you don’t have to worry about your data as it is all secured. Now to be more concerned, overwrite your iOS device. Either way, this is far the most secured way and i guess you don’t have to worry about your data retrieving. It won’t!


So as the process is not been so difficult. Make sure you do it perfectly to be satisfied and in fact, you can try everything by yourself that whether your data is recoverable or not. But as far as i know, data can’t be retrieved once it is wiped-out with encryption. It gives you high security for sure.!

So, share your experiences about it and let us know if there are any chances of retrieving the data from the iOS device or if you have any better technique to secure the iPhone’s data. Let us know through a comment below. We’d love to get back to you.!

Thanks! 🙂

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