Top 10 Best Office Chairs In 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best office chairs in 2017

In the present day, the best office chair is needed for everyone, whether you’re an employee, student or an ordinary user, the computer is very basic and primary demand or need for you of course. And obviously, if you want to use a computer, you need a good computer chair. Or maybe you don’t work on computers often, but as an officer maybe you use to sit in meetings on classical office chairs! Meetings could be long! You need the best office chair to sit with comfort in a meeting as you can focus completely on your presentation.

Not only office employees or computer geeks need these types of chairs, Doctors, lawyers or builders etc also use classical desk chairs. If you’re going to set up a new office then you must need a quality furniture for it to make it look attractive and disciplined but the chairs in your office should be ergonomic and sustainable. Then, your workers or office members will work hard without any complaints or excuses.

So, if you’re finding the best office chair, best computer chair or best desk chair, then you are in good hands by the way. I’m here to help you by providing a list of Top 10 Office Chairs, in-fact Best Office Chairs in 2017. In this article, I will describe specifications of Top 10 Office Chairs in very detail. Stay with me to opt the best ergonomic office chair from this office chair review.

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Why you need best office chairs?

Look! Today, most of the people whether work on computers or spent most of their time on computers. Technology has broadened our minds but bounded our bodies within a single computer chair. We can contact anyone, we can watch anything everywhere just by sitting on a single computer chair. It is obvious that we spent most of our time with it. If you’re getting married then you choose a girl/boy according to your expectations because you’re going to spend your time with him/her, then why don’t choose a chair wisely?

Okay, let’s suppose you work in a bank and you work for 8 hours with an only lunch break, often you have your lunch in the same office chair on which you use to work. It means you stick to it for 8 hours daily except Sunday! If you have a wrong chair then maybe you feel die-hard back pain and leg pain in just a few days. What then? Then, you’re ill and absent as well in the office! So, the conclusion is you’re fired. I don’t think so that you want this horrible scene! So, opt one of these chairs from my list, work hard and get promotions.

Let’s have another assumption, you have vacations and you’re a pro gamer! Whoooo! You really don’t want to miss the latest editions of Games, to enjoy whole day without getting bored or stressed. You know what? You need such computer chair, which gives you the complete comfort and tangle-free gaming experience.

Read the complete article and opt the best office chair for you. And spend your worthy time with it, happily.

We have selected Top 10 Best Office Chairs in 2017, here the list starts.

Viva Office 9699F1 (Fashionable Darth Vader Style)Check DetailsCheck Price
Viva Office 1580LCheck DetailsCheck Price
Modway Articulate EEI-757-BLKCheck DetailsCheck Price
AmazonBasics Big 7 Tall Executive ChairCheck DetailsCheck Price
Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Best Desk Task Office ChairCheck DetailsCheck Price
Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal BaseCheck DetailsCheck
Office Star Professional Dark AirGrid Managers ChairCheck DetailsCheck Price
AmazonBasics High-Back Executive ChairCheck DetailsCheck Price
AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair - Editor's ChoiceCheck DetailsCheck
BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair - Editor's ChoiceCheck DetailsCheck

10. Viva Office 9699F1 (Fashionable Darth Vader Style)

best office chairs in 2017

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Anything looks elegant in Black, never you heard? You have no choice but black. So, we have our very first candidate in our list of Top 10 Best Office Chairs in 2017, the Viva Viva9699F1 is nicknamed as Darth Vader(Funny ain’t it?) because it looks like the Dark Father from the Star Wars.

The breathable elastic mesh made a seat, back and headrest make it very comfortable and indeed stylish. This chair is designed ergonomic, having a very adjustable body. Almost from everywhere, it’s adjustable. The seat can be adjusted with long settlements, height can be adjusted easily as much as required to the user. The headrest is really rested to head because of its reclining feature which provides maximum comfort to the user, the user can play, work and of course just sit on it for hours without any stress. It’s PP armrest is made to give its user a fantastic support for his/her arms without any pain or stress. By having synchro tilt mechanism, it can be tilted till very extends without any instability. It is designed to tilt amazingly and provide its user a moveable seat. It is very strong as well, as it can bear weight up to 250 pounds.

It looks very beautiful, elegant and attractive because, as it is designed in black color with aluminum-chromed base and nylon casters. The mesh made back, headrest and seat make it more fashionable.

Why should you buy Viva Office 9699F1?

This chair is perfect for every that person who uses the computer for hours continuously. Its mesh back and separate mesh headrest cools you with comfort through its ergonomic design.


  • It is very comfortable and will not stress you.
  • The physical appearance of this chair is very nice.
  • The back of this office chair is springy but it is something stuffy too, for better stability.


  • The construction of armrests of this chair is slightly inadequate in sense of durability.
  • The seat cushions of this office chair do not last long, as many users have complained about it.
  • The lock system of the chair for the tilt feature does not work properly after some months of usage. Also complained by the users.

9. Viva Office 1580L

best office chairs in 2017

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Here we have another candidate for our list from the same band Viva Office. The chair is 63.1 pounds in weight but can bear easily 350 pounds. Viva 1580L is a high back chair and best for back comfort. Its headrest is padded with very thick layers and the seat is exclusively designed as backbone support, which helps the user to sit on it stressless. Being very fatty and solid, it is also very adjustable. Its back can be adjusted pneumatically in height and can be tilted as the user need. It can pivot up to 360 degrees by having smooth nylon casters. The black cushioned with double padded seat and back on chrome base looks very stylish and simply outstanding.

The best thing about this chair is its incline, what an awesome incline it has! For a while, you will feel like that you are going to fall but it is completely safe for you. If you feel sleepy when working late night, allow it to incline itself and you can have some rest for few moments. Believe me, you will like you’re in your bed if your bed is as comfortable as it is!

Why Is It Best For You?

If you’re a person who use to work on desks, then this is for you because it look professional and no doubt it’s comfortable. You will spend some good time on it for sure. If you need anything for your desk or office! Then Viva Office 1580L is best office chair for you.


  • This chair looks more like a sofa.
  • When you sit on this chair, you feel no stress or back pain on it.
  • This chair is padded with a double layered cushion.
  • The pivot feature of this office chair is very stable as well as quite adjustable.


  • Nothing much to complain about this beauty, just some customers complained about the screws and their holder’s disposition, when assembling it.

8. Modway Articulate EEI-757-BLK

best office chairs in 2017

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The 8th candidate in our list is not an ordinary chair because its design is outstanding, wherever you place it whether in your office, with study table, as a desk chair or in front of your PC, it will enhance and bloom your room/office. The mesh back with combined headrest and back in a single piece with 6″ padded seat on rolling wheels makes it a complete chair. The ergonomic design will not make you feel any back pain on it and you can have its pleasure whole day. The six wing-like patterns in the back mesh make it pretty attractive. And don’t ask about the colors! The best thing is its colors, the six awesome colors (Black, Blue, Green, Red, Brown & Grey) enhance its beauty more and more. But the colors except black, are only available on personal order.

Now, if we talk about the quality of the material, it will fulfill your expectations definitely on it. It is made from plastic and mesh but doesn’t underestimate it, it is very strong featuring outstanding tilts, smooth wheels, adjustable height and comfortable arms with ergonomic design for lower and upper back support.

In sense of style, if your taste belongs to contemporary then this office chair is perfect for you because of its Mid-century design.

Why do you need to buy this?

Almost everything is adjustable in it. Height, back, seat, reclining like everything is adjustable. Adjust it as your appropriate need and experience best ever comfort of it. Well, you have another option for a computer chair, this chair is pretty good as a computer chair.


  • First, if you are a person who works for hours by sitting on a chair, then you should buy this because of its ergonomic design. It will keep you relax.
  • Second, if you are looking for a chair which seems familiar to your furniture, then buy this because of Black suits with everything.
  • Third, it has a very adjustable body which can help you to sit with comfort and experience real luxury.


  • People having athlete bodies and long heights, can not have the complete comfort of it because of the bad ergonomic back. It is only best for the average height people.
  • Few users have complained about the lower plastic of seat, plastic cracks and divulge the screws.

7. AmazonBasics Big 7 Tall Executive Chair

best office chairs in 2017

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Not every product is the best, but the 7th in our list is one of the best. The AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is something beyond the dreams. It’s charming look, sophisticated design, and incredible comfort wins hearts. Once you see it you will fall in love it.

What is special in it?

The Executive chair looks completely professional, designed to provide comfort and have a sustainable body. What a person need more than it in a chair? It looks fabulous because of having Brown leathery skin with bronze-colored base and arms. It is designed to support lumbar with maximum comfort. Different people have different heights but not all office chairs are made to provide same luxury to each and every person. The executive chair’s height can be easily adjusted. This office chair can swivel 360 degrees for convenience multi-tasking.

Heavyweight people feel very pity when they do not get fit into common office chairs because usually office chairs are very low back with inadequately padded seat and also the common office chairs are not so sturdy to bear that much weight. But AmazonBasics Big 7 Tall Executive Chair is not like others, it can bear up to 350 pounds on it.

Not only strong, it is flexible too! I mean it can be adjusted up or down and backward or forward via pneumatic controls. Now, you can turn yourself in any direction to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The smooth casters/wheels also help you to displace from one place to another. You can easily move your chair anywhere on its own wheels, you don’t need to lift the weight of it.

Why should you buy this?

If you want to enhance your personality even when you’re working, then buy this. Because when you will sit on it, you will feel like the King, and of course you will look like a King. It is very comfortable and adequately padded to support your spine.


  • The executive office chair is beautiful, charming and attractive, believe me! It is awesome.
  • This chair is very good for the big guys because, it can bear weight up to 350 pounds, quite strong.
  • The chair comes in a very big box, which avoids shipping cracks.
  • Instructions in the box with the chair are very easy to follow and helpful.


  • The executive office chair’s armrests are pretty uncomfortable for the taller ones, if they were slightly low, there will be no lack of comfort.
  • Its cushion is padded very stiffly which pulls person sitting on it forward instead of providing him/her a comfort zone.
  • It is great in looking but it cannot be disassembled safely when assembled for once.

6. Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair

best office chairs in 2017

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As we are going down in our list, opting is getting tough though. But no worries, at the end of the day you will choose wisely the best office chair for sure.

The 6th candidate in our list of Top 10 Best Office Chairs In 2017, is Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair. The second name of Comfort is Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Chair. Why? Hold on! I have a reason for it, every single part of the body which can contact the chair when sitting, is cushioned. Ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort to users from the padded back, seat, and armrests. So, if you’re not an ingratitude person, then you’re going to thank me when you will experience the comfort of Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair.

Let’s talk about the mechanism, technically this chair is designed ergonomically as I have mentioned above but, can this office chair help in multi-tasking? Yes! of course, the chair is designed to support lumbar completely as well as it can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Its swivel is very uniform for a convenience multi-tasking. The user can turn it left or right as he/she need. It can be easily transported from a room to another room because of its smooth casters/wheels.

How does it look? Well, that’s a primary question, but I’m discussing at the end because I kept the best in spare. Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair is simply outstanding in looks. It is cushioned black with steel base. Simply, marvelous. No, any other color you will see on it because of its beautiful finishing. All of screws and bolts on it are covered with black plastic covers.

Why should you buy it?

The pro-gamers attention! This chair is for you because the ergonomic design is quite supportive for you to play for a long time. Its armrests, seat, back and all are made to provide comfort.


  • This beautiful chair is best for office use because it has an ergonomic design with complete head and lumbar support.
  • It has double layer padded cushions that provide maximum comfort to the user.
  • The cushions of this chair are long lasting and no defect occurs in the padded cushions when used for years.


  • Few users have complained that after some time, tilt functions do not work properly.
  • This chair is not very high for the tall people.

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5. Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal Base

best office chairs in 2017

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Heading to our 5th option, we have Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal Base. This chair is also designed ergonomically just like other chairs in our list of Top 10 Best Office Chairs in 2017. The chair is very comfortable and relaxing because of its adequately padded cushion.

The best thing in this Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal Base is . . . . Hold on! The best thing in this chair is also only thing which is featured only in this Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal Base. And the thing is Water resistance! Cool, isn’t it? We all usually eat and drink once in a day must on our office chair. What if tea or cold drink topple on you accidentally? You and your chair will face a horrible day. But if you have Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal Base, then you are safe. Because this chair does not suck any type of liquid, it is waterproof. Not just waterproof, it is oil proof too. Think! If you are eating any oily food and it toppled accidentally on your office chair, your chair will be safe and you just need to take a tissue or piece of towel to rub that oil off.

Just like other chairs, it also comes with comfortable cushioned arm rests. It can be pivoted up to 360 degrees and can be adjusted up and down with the gap of many inches. This chair is made to give high duty and that’s why it is equipped with a strong metal base which has no impurity/plastic material. In short, you are in safe hands.

Why do you need to buy this?

This chair is also very charming and gentle and it is appropriate as an office chair. If the chairpersons or senior officers use it, then it is perfect for them.


  • The design is very stylish, royal and beautiful. The brown leather enhances the beauty. And it can be placed on any desk or table because the chair’s color shade will suit with almost every color.
  • The main thing about this chair, which should be praised is it’s ergonomic. Almost every office chair producing company claims that they make such chair which is fully lumbar supported, but at the end of the day, customers complain. But this chair is truly made to give maximum lumbar support and comfort. That’s why it is best for the Tall ones.
  • The best and unique thing in this Brown Modern High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair with Metal Base is that it is water and oil proof.


  • Some users have complained about the quality of material, the components of the chair like arm rest etc break into two after using it only for few days.

4. Office Star Professional Dark AirGrid Managers Chair

best office chairs in 2017

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Which type of work do you love to do? Stressful and suffocated or comfortable and breathable! I’m asking this because if you’re going with the first option, then leave now. Because I’m going to recommend the most comfortable office chair to you that is Office Star Professional Dark AirGrid Managers chair, which ergonomically designed as well as a mesh made to provide complete comfort with incredible relaxation.

Very sharply and creative nylon frame holding a smartly and ergonomically made mesh back, which holds/support the user’s spine without feeling him/her any pain or heat on his/her back. The Office Star Professional Dark AirGrid Managers chair is equipped with a very light/pneumatic height adjustment control which can be used by only one-touch and the chair can be easily adjusted up and down from these latest pivoting controls.

Armrests are very important for an office chair. The Office Star Professional Dark AirGrid Managers chair’s armrests are flappable and made from silver, which provides this chair plus points in sense of equipped with the most recent technologies. The chair is also designed to perform as a heavy duty product and equipped with a silver accented base and dual wheel carpet wheels.

The black mesh back and the black adequately padded seat makes it beautiful, while the silver accented armrests and base makes it sturdy. No doubt, this chair is a perfect luminous piece for your room or office.

Why is it best for you?

It is best for the computer users or gamers because usually, the gamers love to play in dark and congested rooms. And for that, this chair is extremely comfortable and supportive for the airflow.

Any reasons to buy it?

  • The mesh back is best for the airflow. And its stiffness is perfect for the back.
  • The seat of this office chair is padded such as it is neither too hard nor too soft.
  • Its Armrests are perfect for every type of user, whether it is a gamer or a blogger. He/she will feel blessed to have this chair.
  • The chair has the easily adjustable height to provide complete relaxation to the user’s legs.

Any reasons to avoid it?

  • The joints of mesh with the frame are slightly weak and broke when the weight increases.

3. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

best office chairs in 2017

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The is equipped with a butterfly seat with curved contours and adjustable settings to give maximum comfort ergonomically to the users. This chair can be adjusted in between 41.34” to 45.08″ high height. The chair can be tilted forward and backward can be adjusted upward or downward and can be swiveled up to 360 degrees.

The ergonomic design of cushions makes it technically comfortable. The cushions are double-padded in Black color and look amazing. The bond between black leather and PVC results a luminous, sleek, and smooth surfaced body which shadows a gentle look. The pneumatic height adjustment features make it more handy office chair. To be honest! This chair is really a classical black comfortable chair.

The ergonomic design is quite relaxing, you can use this chair for a desk in a pair. Because of its color and design suits on desk perfectly.

In short, it is simply a sturdy Black Beauty.

Why do you need to buy this?

Look! I’m suggesting this chair because of its gentle look and smoothly padded cushions. This chair is very relaxing to sit, if you bought this, you will worth your money.


  • It is pretty comfortable for the tall persons.
  • It is easy to assemble as the directions are very easy to follow.
  • It can bear weight up to 250 pounds as the company has recommended but some users told that they burden the chair with more than 250 pounds and it performed the same.
  • The armrests of it are comfortable enough to relax your arms while typing or playing.
  • The chair is very sturdy, it means the chair’s quality is at least worthy.


  • The back is connected to the arm rests, without arm rests the back cannot stand, which seems to be a disadvantage. But, practically it pours the inclining feature.

2. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair – Editor’s Choice

best office chairs in 2017

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Now we are near to the end of this article, this chair is holding the 2nd position in our review of Top 10 Best Office Chairs in 2017. Basically, I want to discuss again briefly as I discussed in the start that What a person or to be exact a user needs more than few features in a chair?

First, the chair should look stylish and beautiful.

Second, it should be ergonomically designed.

Third, perfect adjustable body.

Etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera.

We have here, AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair, the candidate on 2nd position for the best office chair 2017. It looks stylish, gentle, charming and no doubt perfect office chair. We will find it reliable in every exam, let’s try!

If we talk about the latest ergonomic technologies, then it is up for it. Because it is designed ergonomically to provide maximum lumbar support without a bit of pain whether you work on it for an hour or eight hours.

Okay, let’s talk about its comforts! As I have already mentioned above about its latest ergonomic design then it is understood that it will definitely provide the maximum comfort and you can work or play on it for hours stress-free.

Adjustability is a basic need for an officer and essential for an office chair, AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair is designed adjustable to a very extent. A user can tilt, swivel or pivot it in any direction pneumatically through the simple pneumatic controls. The chair can be forward and backward through the easy controls and the user can fix its settings on his/her requirements. After fixing it on required settings, the user will feel comfortable and stress-free on it.

We have many Black beauties in our list, here is another. This chair is contoured with Smooth black leather which makes the user feel more relax. The chair is padded well enough to give comforts. It’s textured and curved nylon armrests are also very comfortable for such type of users who use to type very much or love to play very much. It has dual-wheel casters which support it to avoid being wobbly.

Why should you buy this?

This chair has everything a person need usually unless you have not so long requirement list, it can be paired with almost everything like computer, desk or table, and no doubt it will look adequate with each. This chair is equipped with thickly padded cushions on the seat, back and yeah also on armrests which make it comfortable on a next level. And of course, you need a comfort zone when working or playing. The chair is quite adjustable too, you can set it up according to your body. The thing to count in the last in it but not least that, this chair moves smoothly here and there. So, buy this!


  • This chair is Very Sturdy.
  • This chair looks perfect for the office.
  • Its technically-designed body is quite adjustable till a very extent.
  • The chair’s back, seat, and armrests are adequately padded.
  • The base of this chair is equipped with Dual-wheel casters.
  • The whole beast is covered with smooth and beautiful leather.
  • If we talk about the armrests individually then, they are comfortable as well as sturdy.


  • The only general problem in this is its tilt feature, when you change its settings it feels like little wobbly.

1. BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair – Editor’s Choice

best office chairs in 2017

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You have viewed 9 best office chairs of 2017 above, but the best test is still unrevealed. The leading candidate in the list of The Top 10 Best Chairs In 2017 is BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair. You know how outstanding and marvelous office chairs we have reviewed above! But still you did not choose any one of them, then this is the final option for you.

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair is also an office chair like other chairs in the list but it is specially designed as an office chair, which makes it superior from the others. The chair is padded with very soft and smooth cushions which make you feel the affection and royalty of BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair. You can work or play for many hours continuously without feeling any stress or pain, in fact, you will enjoy it each touch to your body. The chair is padded also ergonomically to provide best ever comfort to its users. The ergonomically padded back and seat lowers the chances of any back pain or lumbar complaint. Its latest ergonomic, designed under the supervision of experts, gives it a perfect bucket for any type of user’s body. As it is high back, so there is no chance to feel any angle on it.

The armrests are also designed to relax the user if he/she is a writer, programmer or gamer. All types of users can use it without any problem, it is supportive to all types of users and their bodies. The steel chromed base looks attractive but it is quite sturdy as well. The dual casters/wheels with a strong base make it like a combo of style and sustainability. It is pretty adjustable as well, the user can adjust its height, incline or swivel by pneumatic gas lifting controls. The black color in it is slightly matte but attractive.

Why should you buy this?

Is it not enough that this chair is on number 1 in our list of Top 10 Best Office Chairs in 2017! Okay fine, this chair is also comfortable, flexible in sense of adjustments, smooth, soft and ergonomic of course. So, it is enough to buy an office chair!


  • This chair is easy to line up.
  • The chair is equipped with amazingly soft and smooth cushions.
  • Pneumatic gas lift for height adjustments.
  • The chair has heavy-duty metal made the Stylish and sturdy base.
  • The back and seat of this chair are ergonomically designed and padded for lumbar support.


  • The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it looks old, not new.

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So guys! These were The Top 10 Best Office Chairs In 2017. Every chair was different from other. Some office chairs were with separate backrests while some were with grafted one. We reviewed some fantastic chairs which were great looking and charming. Few were, in fact, leathery among them! But every chair was flashing its own charm and gentle. Some got a heavy-duty metal base while some come with the plastic. One of them was water and oil resistant too, that was it’s plus point. But in my opinion, comfort should be the superior demand for an office chair. Because, almost everyone in the present time whether he/she is an older, a teenager or a kid, they all use chairs like above I have discussed. Chairs are the among essential needs for everyday life, and providing comfort is the primary duty of every chair. So, Strong or weak, short or tall, black or brown! Up to you, I hope you will opt the best office chair, desk chair or computer chair for your back. But do not compromise on the comforts.

Good Luck!

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