Using Your Desktop To Apply Prisma Effects To Your Photos! How?

How to Use Your Desktop To Apply Prisma Effects To Your Photos

Photo filtering apps always create a buzz on the Internet if they are packed up with best filters and effects inside. Well, Prisma is one of the best photo filtering apps nowadays as it applies astonishing filters to the photos and make them look more like ‘cartoonic’. 😀 Haha! Just kidding! It gives an creative look to the photos, honestly in fact, it changes them into an art.

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Prisma was first developed for the iOS users and as it was released, people were much excited to see some new effects that changed their photos entirely into an artwork like never before. It became very trending on the App Store first and soon the wish was fulfilled for the Android users too. So the smartphones users got all the advantage to turn their photos into an art.

What about those who are sitting in front of their computers most of the time without even touching their phones much? I mean, it could be disappointing for them to watch Prisma-filtered photos on their social walls all day but unable to prepare one of themselves. They might be looking for a way to apply Prisma effects to their photos using their computer.

Is It Possible To Apply Prisma Effects To Your Photos Using Your Computer?

Fortunately, YES! Here’s how:

Note: You need a Telegram account to do it. If you don’t have one, create it now as it’s free of cost. 🙂

Step 1. First of all, visit Telegram Client Page from your web browser.

Step 2. You’ll now be asked to choose your country from the drop-down menu and provide your mobile phone number. Once you fill it, click ‘Next’.

prisma effects 1

Step 3. Now you’ll be asked for the confirmation of your number. Click ‘Ok’ to move forward.

Prisma effects 2

Step 4. Now Telegram will send a code to your mobile phone number via a text message. If you won’t receive a code, Telegram will call you. Just you’ll have to put this code on the page and it’ll be confirmed.

Prisma effects 3

Step 5. As you will confirm your account, you will be logged into your Telegram Account.

Step 6. Now head to the Prisma Bot For Telegram page to add it to the list of your contacts.

Step 7. You’ll now have to click the ‘Start’ button to begin interacting with the bot.

Prisma effects 4

Step 8. Now you must be able to send commands to the bot using the web messenger.

Prisma effects 5

Step 9. First you’ll have to know about the filters that you can apply to your photos. For this, we’ll send /filters command as a message from the web messenger to get the list of all filters.

Prisma effects 6

Step 10. Now choose the filter that you wanna apply to your photo and click on the image icon to attach a photo that you want to get modified with Prisma Effects.

Prisma effects 7

Step 11. Once you choose a filter and attach a photo, it’ll notify you that the photo is processing.

Prisma effects 8

Step 12. Done! And see I’ve just got my artistic photo by applying a specific filter to it.

Prisma effects 9


If you want your photos to be artistic like the one I’ve just got, the above guide will help you with this. Trust me, this is really amazing as I myself enjoyed it. So, the problem is absolutely solved for the computer users too. 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and applying Prisma effects to your photos. Let us know about your experiences and give us a feedback. 🙂 We’d love to hear from you!

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Tayyab Saqlain