Where to watch Live streaming of Apple’s Conference


As you know so many companies are introducing their new gadgets, laptops, phones and other technology .now its apple’s turn to show something youthful and fresh . the apple’s iPhone 7 show went extremely  amazing so apple company held a conference . This time theirs something special for apple’s fans. Macbook, yes apple is launching its mac book pro and it is going to be the biggest refresh in years and fans are going to love it , most of them cant wait for it. And this pro book is going to be the star of the show.

The new designed laptops will look so far as like the other apple’s laptops , but wen you consider them closely it is going to surprise you with the new design tool bar above the key board , it give an amazing look to desktop. The keyboard’s top row would be replaced by the touch screen functions .as well as 13-inch MacBook Air . the time for this events are 1 pm for new york , 6 pm for London, and 7 pm for Paris. You can also watch this event on your apple TV’s and other gadgets and laptops.

Lets talk about the IMac then you shouldn’t expect more than performance update .and maybe about something external features so nothing would be more exciting so this event is going to be all about macs .

Different declarations are normal also that this  huge Apple public interview, obviously. people are talking that   it that there won’t be any new i Mac PCs disclosed today, and Apple’s  anticipated 5K Thunderbolt show will likewise be absent. The will apparently be restored Mac Book Air portable workstations disclosed the occasion however, and talk has it we’re likewise in store for some Apple TV news.

You can also download this  event from apple’s stores .Since you comprehend what’s in store, it’s an ideal opportunity to watch all the enormous declarations live as they happen. Apple’s huge occasion is set to commence at 1:00 PM, and there are a few diverse approaches to watch.Second, third and fourth-era Apple TVs will see the Apple Events application return on their home screens, and the occasion will be communicate live inside that application. To wrap things up.

Further more , if you don’t have an apple’s product or you are not an apple user then the organization additionally gives you a chance to live stream the occasion from the Apple Events segment on its site. This video just works in Safari and Microsoft Edge; the uplifting news is that it takes a shot at macos, iOS and Windows 10 — odds are you have no less than one gadget running Safari or Edge.People  with old Apple TVs and other gadgets can just turn on their gadgets. Apple is pushing out the “Apple Events” channel with the goal that you can watch the occasion.


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Tayyab Saqlain