Yahoo confirmed case of hackers in 2014: at least 500 million accounts stolen


SAN FRANCISCO, September 23 morning news, Yahoo confirmed Thursday that the 2014 case of hackers stealing data, confirm at least 500 million user account related information stolen.

Yahoo said in a statement that the investigation confirmed the information disclosed in this hacker case occurred at the end of 2014 may include a user name, email address, home address, telephone number, date of birth, some password and security question and answer and so on. The company said the stolen information may have fallen into a government-sponsored actors in the hands of a hacker murder case but it has not appeared. Yahoo also said that payment card data, bank account information and not specific passwords stolen.

Yahoo suggested that it might be affected by this event a user to change the password, cancellation of the security question and answer.

In August of this year, Yahoo said it is investigating the case of a hacker may have occurred after a hacker claimed to have stolen its 200 million Yahoo user accounts, equivalent to less than half the number of Yahoo announced Thursday.

Yahoo has been growing for the government-sponsored hacking activities crackdown after it has released a program that has been since December 2015 notice of such 10000 attacks issued by the user.

Earlier this year, Yahoo agreed to buy Verizon confirmed, two days before the company has received notification from Yahoo confirmed case of hackers, but about the incident, “limited information.” Verizon said that Yahoo continued during the investigation, the company will make this assessment.

Network security experts say, to reduce the reaction rate on hacking activities is very important.Information, vice president (Experian) fraud and authentication product strategy and marketing service providers benefit analysis CMX Matt Ehrlich (Matt Ehrlich) said: “(hacker attacks) one day without being detected and checked, it damage caused by rises one. “

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Tayyab Saqlain